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Stainless Steel Passivation [2011-07-14]

Stainless Steel PartsStainless steel passivation reason
Usually, stainless steel corrosion resistance environment in mild ground attack. When that happens, the surface or internal corrosion indentation form on the part of the details.
What can be done to prevent this? In the process of stainless steel passivation application transparent stainless steel passivating film to protect it from the corrosion and oxidation.
Stainless steel passivation benefits:
In the treatment of the operation, such as machining and forming, iron and foreign particles may set in stainless steel surface part. Stainless steel passivation eliminate free iron or iron compounds from stainless steel surface with chemicals, a typical acid solution, remove skin surface problems but not influence stainless steel itself. If these particles are not removed they will appear as rust or oxidation. Passivation dissolve particles and allow thin transparent film formation on the surface.

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