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Action Solutions To Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders [2011-07-25]

Hydraulic Pneumatic Cylinder      Who has ridden bicycle spring shock absorber hard surface, know the ups and downs of different, the highly effective damping in the pneumatic and hydraulic shock. Today shock is a very advanced impact and vibration damping equipment, ability to work or liquid or compressed air dissipate energy and vibration produced road tires contact. The shock pulse is by through the pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder piston and sliding installation in it. Cylinder full of liquid or air, demand can be how. Found not only in the car and the use of shock absorber automobile suspended plane landing gear, but in drilling equipment, in the movements of the earth, in the oil rig equipment and many other large industrial fields. The same principle applied after the shock absorber rail traffic limit the yawing bogies from side to side in a fast moving train.
Pneumatic and hydraulic damping system contains the hydraulic cylinder  cylinder or the steel piston rod, gas barrel damping effect of installation, help to realize. As a compressed air or liquid moves into a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, it pushes the piston up or down through the length of the cylinder. The piston the reflection action or is activated or compressed air or a spring mechanism, back to the spring to its original position. These also called the single-acting cylinder. Cylinders come in a variety of types, may be the cylinder, the pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder or electric hydraulic cylinder. Double acting cylinder (DAC) to use the power of the air flow in two aspects, stroke and a extend back stroke. Double move cylinders have two port, one for outstroke, one for the in-stroke.

     As the industry requirements may vary, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder come in a variety of holes and stroke configuration. They may have different is less than an inch to several feet. Compressed air force or air may range from a few pounds per square inch to hundreds of pounds to create enough power and the strength of thousands of pounds. The piston connecting rod are usually made of tempered steel alloy. Cylindrical tube seamless refining and precise finish hone to prevent corrosion, consistent-seals provide long-term at life.

    The valve pneumatic cylinder and gift fell on help to regulate the flow of compressed air and maintenance or liquid pressure within the pressure inside the box of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder. Some 1000 mm diameter cylinder, be used instead of cylinder under special environment in the hydraulic oil leak could impose an extremely dangerous. Pneumatic and hydraulic oil cylinder also found that used in automatic shutter and trams in the train doors and automatic exit, monitoring and activate the sensor. Low quality in pneumatic and arrange foiiows hydraulic oil cylinder slow-and speed, make a smooth, operation, low pressure is a safety in the human traffic areas.

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