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Benefits Of Stainless Steel Castings [2011-07-28]

Stainless Steel PartsStainless steel is also called inox steel. Stainless steel is ordinary steel include 11% of the chrome content quality. It's different forms of carbon steel stainless steel passivating film because containing cr oxide, using the same metal surface corrosion prevention. Stainless steel is a type of steel casting, chromium mixed steel.

Stainless steel castings with various types of steel. Stainless steel castings, provide enough power to shock resistance
Stainless steel castings, solid parts can be through the heat treatment, but its mechanical properties are with its chemical composition. In addition, it has the effect of antibacterial properties

These properties stainless steel castings hava the following benefits

Its used in the manufacture of the valve, pump body, impeller, including parts

Its used to make of car parts, such as drum, stents, steering knuckle housing, transmission housing, rear wheel hub

It is also used for pipe fittings

The corrosion resistance and the dyeing performance, low cost, low maintenance base material for business applications.

Stainless steel are widely used in aviation parts manufacturing, auto parts, building materials, also can be used for large buildings.

Types of stainless steel

Today in many Indian manufacturers have use stainless steel castings, sculpture, exterior building structure. They can use different types of stainless steel, show the making solid parts

Austenitic:-use 70% of the stainless steel products, also contains 0.15% of carbon, at least 16% of chromium and enough nickel and/or manganese

Ferritic:-it has to reduce corrosion properties make it is used for welding materials. It also includes the 10.5% and 27%, and only a few nickel chrome

Martensite:-its hard stainless steel, so can through the heat treatment hardening. It contains chromium molybdenum nickel 14%, 1%, 2%, and 1% carbon

Precipitation-hardening martensite stainless steel:-it does not contain nickel 17% chromium and 4%.

Duplex stainless steel:-it is the power of the double then austenitic stainless steel. It contains high chromium and molybdenum 5%, 28% low nickel

Finally today use steel casting production of different types of cast stainless steel materials to make high quality products. In India, there are many steel casting supplier supply and export quality stainless steel castings products worldwide.

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