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What is Precision CNC Machining? [2011-01-24]

Precision  CNC machining  is all about paying attention to the details. It is about paying attention to the details at the micron level. If you think that you have made a big mistake by being half a centimetre off in your wood carvings then you should think again. Typically, this type of machining can only tolerate up to several microns of error.

We are not talking about centimetres here but errors in the microscopic level already. Your eyes aren’t sharp enough to see the errors committed in this level. Any more errors that exceed the tolerable micron level are considered dull already.
It will not be precision CNC machining anymore but rather, the normal CNC machining.

Precision CNC machining is an exciting job because you will be dealing mostly with scientists and telecommunications developers. If you are bored with cutting and moulding wooden objects then precision CNC machining may be your next step.
You’ll have a lot of fun when you’re dealing with experts in the telecommunications and science fields. You may just be part of a team that will move the human race forward. You’ll often hear the words semiconductors, transistors, and the like in this field of work.

There are several types of precision CNC machining. One of them is EDM or electrical discharge machining. This is also known as exact difficult machining because of the low tolerance it can take for error. As hard as it may sound, experts have made it a point to be successful at this level. At the machining stage, no contact takes place between the machine and the product and is considered a stress free process.

Does this sound impossible? The precision CNC machining experts have found a way to make such things happen. Parts in this type of precision CNC machining process can not take the stress from the usual hammers so they use special cutters for a job like this. EDM engineers use special techniques to craft the final product. The standard in the industry right now is on a one micron positional accuracy. Anything more than this will translate into failure in their profession.

Experts in the precision CNC machining department can sometimes take things to another level. A more intense type of precision CNC machining is ultra precision CNC machining. For those that really have to pay attention to details, this is the way to go. Ultra precision CNC machining uses 5 Axis CNC machines, Multi Axes Swiss Machines, and Super Precision Lathes that can offer half a micron of positional accuracy. Surface finishes are from 6 Ra to 16 Ra. You can expect microscopic accuracy in this field of work.

Wire cutting may also be a precision task especially for the electronics and communications engineers out there. Precision wire cut machining is also a type of precision CNC machining work. Half micron hole to hole positional accuracy is the industry standard nowadays.

Wire cutting may sound very straightforward in this regard but there are a lot of intricacies involved. Material in wiring is important. Copper wires are certainly different from gold wiring. Pentium processors use gold wiring in some of their semiconductors while the usual landline phones will use copper wiring. Both products require wire cutting at a certain standard.

Precision CNC machining is work for professionals in the CNC machining field. If you are doing CNC machining as a hobby right now and you are interested in precision CNC machining then you’ll need professional help. Take your hobby to another level and acquire training in the precision machining processes. You’ll certainly become fulfilled with this extra skill.