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CNC machine parts inspection [2012-02-15]

CNC machine parts inspection
    Remove the workpiece with the appropriate measurement tools for testing, to check whether the processing requirements.

    CNC Turning parts to the amount of:

1, a vernier caliper

    The most commonly used general-purpose measuring tool can be used to measure the workpiece internal and external dimensions, width, thickness, depth and pitch.

2 outside micrometer

    The outside micrometer is made ??by the principle of spiral sub-micrometer measuring tools, mainly used for a variety of outside dimension and shape deviations measurement.

3, inner diameter micrometer

    Inside micrometer for measuring the internal diameter, can also be used for measuring the distance between the inside face width and two.

4, Universal cursor Angle Ruler

    The angle scale is mainly used for the measurement of various cone, low accuracy.

5, the surface roughness of process model

    Turning surface roughness process model is its face roughness as the standard, compared with the surface of the workpiece, which largely determine the level of roughness of the workpiece surface.

6, thread inspection gages

(1) thread per thousand feet can be used to detect thread diameter

(2) three pin can be used to detect thread diameter than the threaded micrometer precision higher

(3) threaded ring can be used to test the external thread is qualified or not, the ring gauge of the different levels of selection under different accuracy

(4) threaded plug can be used to test within a thread whether or not qualified to choose different levels of plug gauge, according to the different accuracy
(5) tool microscope can detect various parameters of the thread, can be measured by the specific values ??of each parameter